Amerec - Amerec Residential Steam Accessories

Amerec - Amerec Residential Steam Accessories


iPod Docking Station

  • The Steam Shower Sound System offers superior sound quality for your personal steam shower. Waterproof FM radio with iPod interface, pre-amp outlet and RF 2-way remote control.

Comfort Flo Steam Head

  • The Comfort Flo Steam head is designed with a unique steam dispersion pattern that provides more even heat throughout the steam room and reduces the time required to reach the desired room temperature.

Premium Waterproof Speakers

  • These 6" x 9" speakers offer contemporary design, superior sound quality and an easy, low profile mount designed to complement the décor of your shower.

Chromatherapy Lighting Option

  • Colors have a documented effect on our moods,and using colored light toenhance feelings of innerpeace and well-being is now accepted practice.

Teak Shower Seat

  • Featuring the beauty and durability of Teak wood, this sturdy seat is anaffordable seating option for baths and showers.

Relax Shower Seat

  • The Relax shower seat is an affordable seating option for steam baths and showers.

"WARM START" Instant

  • AK series generators are available with the optional 'warm start' feature that keeps water in the tank preheated to a temperature just below a boil.

Fragrance Injector Option

  • The injector eliminates the need to drop aromatherapy oils onto the steam head by introducing oils directly into the steam line.

ADK Automatic Drain

  • The ADK automatic drain valve is compatible with AK and 3K series steam generators.

ADP Generator Drip Pan

  • The ADP generator drip pan is designed for use with AK and 3K series steam generators.

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