Meet the Team

Our trained sales associates are here to help guide you through every step of your project. Please meet our team of design professionals from each Fixture Gallery location.

Bend, OR

Joanie Penhollow

Showroom Manager

One of my favorite accomplishments is when I receive a referral from a past client. It is a compliment...

Mary Jane Ramsey

Showroom Consultant

I’m most proud of the fact that I have repeat customers...

Lacee Llewelyn

Showroom Consultant

I love helping customers design and see the vision that they have for their home.

Julie Boyles

Showroom Assistant

Coming back to work for my favorite company after a 6 year hiatus. It’s great to be back!

Eugene, OR

Linda Harris-Rogers

Showroom Consultant

Having consistent high sales in a down economy due to networking...

Salem, OR

Marilyn Jones

Showroom Manager

I have had the opportunity to work in three Fixture Gallery showrooms since I began working at CSCO...

Amy Senske

Showroom Consultant

Coming into this industry not knowing a lot about decorative plumbing I am proud of all the things I have learned...

Tigard, OR

Lorri Foster

Showroom Manager

I have worked at several showrooms in the Portland area and having the opportunity to work at The Fixture Gallery...

Nicole Wistrand

Showroom Consultant

I love assisting the sales consultants in any way I can to help make their jobs a little bit easier...

Shelby Hill

Showroom Consultant

Successfully forming the “showroom administrative assistant” position and getting promoted to a ‘Sales Consultant’...

Susan Tilley

Showroom Consultant

One of my favorite accomplishments is when I receive a referral from a past client. It is a compliment...

Wesley Garcia

Showroom Consultant

Is starting in the warehouse doing cycle counting for 5 months. Then applying for the showroom position and being promoted to be a consultant.

Polé Jensen

Showroom Consultant

I am still a student. I feel it is important to learn something new every day. I will look outside the box to come up with a solution...

Claire Snelson

Showroom Administrator

Having been with the company for only a few months, my career highlight is pretty simple. I started out as the receptionsist for the whole company...

Kennewick, WA

Chad Cummins

Showroom Consultant

What I love most about my job is getting to meet new people every day and figuring out how to solve challenges...

Pacific, WA

Denis Pedersen

Showroom Consultant

Proud that I started in the warehouse of Consolidated Supply after working as a plumber. I then worked in various positions until...

Seattle, WA

Lori Lancaster

Showroom Consultant

After spending 5 years in the staging and interior design industry the highlight of my career has been...

Maryam Tariq

Showroom Consultant

Attained fast track promotion on my first job through series of increasing responsibilities for business development.

Christopher Riggs

Showroom Consultant

I love my clients and my co-workers. I enjoy working at The Fixture Gallery...

Boise, ID

Perri Derrick

Showroom Manager

In my extensive career I have started two new showrooms and remodeled two. My knowledge...

Tyann Hylton

Showroom Consultant

There is a well-known and well respected lady in the plumbing showroom industry. She recently...

Beth Beck

Showroom Consultant

I strive to be friendly and helpful to make the process of picking out products an enjoyable one...

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Joe Bersch

Showroom Consultant

I am particularly proud of the fact that I started with Consolidated Supply working in the warehouse...

Sandpoint, ID

Terry Kolb

Showroom Consultant

When Viggo Mortensen was having a home built outside Sandpoint, he wanted ORB hose bibbs...