New Brizo Product found at KBIS 2015

We just returned from “KBIS” (the National Kitchen & Bath Show) in Las Vegas. We took one person from each of our 10 showrooms. We walked about 6 to 7 miles a day looking for new cool products for our showrooms. We were very excited to see the latest and greatest offering from the industry. Look for new displays of the cool products that we saw coming soon to The Fixture Gallery!

One example is the new Brizo kitchen faucet with an articulating spout. There are two styles: Artesso which is traditional and Solna which is contemporary. It also won the Best of KBIS Award in the Best of Kitchen Gold category. This is the annual competition that showcases the best of the kitchen and bath industry! These two amazing products will be available 2nd and 3rd quarter this year.

Explore a Sampling of the Brizo Product Catalog

by: Judie Eaton